Geeta Yoga


What is Geeta Yoga

Geeta Yoga is a unique ongoing program designed for all ages, ability and body condition. The aim of this program is to develop self awareness and educate students on the philosophy underneath the practice;  how asanas and pranayama help to transform and improve physical and emotional well being. Geeta ‘s instruction is directed towards achieving anatomical strength, control, stability and balance.

Geeta has a unique ability to tailor the practice sessions to meet her students’ health needs. She is kind and understanding and educates her students on how to make suitable adjustments, align their stiff bodies and overcome their limitations. She requests her students, to respect their body and do in accordance to their abilities and strengths.

When a Student Enrolls

Geeta informs her students that it is a long term learning program and it requires regular and dedicated practice. She collects information about the students’ health and lifestyle,  to help her understand their specific needs and provide the right guidance.  She informs the beginners that many asanas may be difficult for them to perform and they are allowed to do as much as they can. Often simple variations that enhance flexibility are suggested. She educates her students on the precepts of yoga philosophy, how to connect mind and body, how to move from physical body to subtle body and feel light and refreshed.

Students with Health Issues

Most of the students enroll for the classes to heal their health issues. She is understanding, friendly and  explains to them that they can overcome their problems if they practice everyday. Most health issues are caused due to unhealthy lifestyles;  she suggests simple lifestyle changes that can improve their health. When physical health improves, emotional health will also improve. Geeta has helped many students overcome their health problems.

About the Classes

Geeta’s classes are interesting, inspiring, educative, refreshing and healing. The classes begin and end with ‘Mahamantras’  the powerful healing chants from the Vedas. These chants purify the mind and body, develop positive vibrations that promote mind focus and peaceful practice and enhance well being.

Geeta begins her sessions with  20 / 30 minutes of pranayama practice. She advices her students to use the crepe bandage for better focus and rhythm. Geeta patiently teaches every pranayama and makes sure they learn them right. She explains the benefits and insists on mind focus throughout their practice. She says that every practice is moving ahead towards improvement and also prevention;  it takes many years of regular and committed practice to achieve lasting benefits.

Geeta says that the best time to learn and master pranayama is during the early hours of every morning. This time of the day is called “Brahmamuhurt” an auspicious time when the brain is alert, mind is calm and body free from tensions.

Geeta begins asana practice with gentle warm ups, remove lethargy and stiffness from the muscle groups and joints. She encourages her students to use props such as wall, table, chair, blocks, ropes and cushions to avoid strain and improve comfort. She intelligently sequences the asanas, includes standing, sitting and inversions in every session.

Surya Namaskar is taught after certain flexibility is developed in the standing, lying down and sitting asanas. She request her students to avoid it when they have back pain, knee or shoulder pain. Inverted asanas like Sarvangasana, Halasana and Sirsasana are taught when the student is physically capable.

Geeta feels happy when she sees her students perform asanas with ease and move gracefully from one asana to another with pleasant expression on their faces. It takes many years of dedicated practice to achieve steadiness, comfort and grace in an asana. Geeta requests her students to take their practice, into their everyday lives and use their positive energies to deal with the challenges.

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