Pregnancy Yoga


Yogic science believes that if a woman has been living a healthy and disciplined lifestyle, she will certainly have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby. The physical and emotional health of the mother has a huge impact on the growth of the fetus. Stress, weakness, emotional instability in the mother, affect the physical and mental development of the fetus.

Asanas and Pranayama are time tested, low impact exercise and anatomically favourable. They provide the essential strengths and protect the mother-to-be and her growing baby from pain and illness.

Parenting starts when the baby grows in the womb  Asanas and Pranayama develop deep awareness of the physiological and psychological changes, improve flexibility and strength, build abilities to manage the discomforts and suitably adjust to the changing biological environment. The sensations of the growing baby bond the mother-to-be with her growing baby in her womb.

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Asana Advantage Asanas create flexibility in the pelvic floor and the surrounding areas and build strength to adjust and face the challenges of labor and delivery. Pressures are removed and the body is light and healthy. Optimum space is created in and around the uterus for the fetus to grow well. The cervical and vaginal wall become elastic and the pubic bone becomes supple leading to normal easy delivery. Morning sickness, nausea, back pain, fatigue, thyroid problem, water retention, blood pressure, gestational diabetes and sleeplessness are healed.

Pranayama Advantage Pranayama is as important as asana practice, because pranayma provides more oxygen and removes more toxins from body and mind. Everyday practice, enhances lung capacity, refreshes the brain and the systems with positive energies. The mother-to-be will enjoy high energies, all through the day and the fetus will grow in a comfortable and peaceful environment. After delivery, adjustments to the demanding situation will be easier, mother’s milk for the baby will be sufficient and there will no difficulties in feeding the baby.

Points to Note 

  • Pregnant women must practice yoga with a guidance of a knowledgeable and experienced teacher, who will intelligently sequence the asanas to suit the trimester and the health of the practitioner. Pregnant women must avoid wearing heavy jewelry and wear comfortable clothes that allow them to move freely and stretch. It is mandatory to use yoga props such as straps, blocks, cushions, bolsters, blankets, chair, table and wall to prevent strain and improve stability, balance and comfort.
  • Standing, reclining and sitting asanas that stretch and strengthen the pelvic floor can be practiced throughout the pregnancy. If there is a history of miscarriage or any other problem, specific asanas prescribed by the yoga teacher must be practiced. Inverted asanas are very beneficial for the mother and the growing baby; they have profound effect on the organs and provide high energy. These asanas are difficult for those women who have not practiced before their pregnancy. However, if their overall health condition is good the teacher will suitably guide them with their practice using the necessary props.
  • In the second and third trimesters, the practice must be more gentle; some asanas practiced in the first trimester must be avoided. The practitioners will be able to identify the asanas that cause discomfort and they can discontinue their practice.
  • With everyday committed practice, there will be no nausea, indigestion, thyroid problems, back pain, high blood pressure, diabetes, varicose veins or other problems that are common during this phase of life. Women, who have been practicing yoga much before their pregnancy, will be at a greater advantage.

Geeta’s prenatal classes are gentle, healing, refreshing and relaxing. Every class includes thirty minutes of pranayama. Vedic mantras are chanted if pregnant women enjoy the chants. The aim of Geeta’s classes is to improve the health of the mother-to- be, keep the mother connected with her baby and build strength and confidence to face labor and delivery.

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