“Eat like a Yogi – Nourishing Breakfast” is for everyone — especially for those who believe in eating healthy and being free from disease.

This E-book, educates on methods of cooking, precepts of yogic food, importance of eating nourishing breakfast and light and early dinner. It features some tasty recipes that are light on the tummy and easy to digest.


Eat Like A Yogi - Detox Juice RecipesEAT LIKE A YOGI – DETOX JUICES –  This E-book features 17 natural juices that refresh, purify, hydrate and boost immunity — enabling you to achieve weight loss, biological balance and vitality.  The book is authored by Geeta Iyer, the renowned Yoga teacher and her daughter Archana Doshi, a renowned home chef who runs India’s top recipe & food website –Archana’s Kitchen. They share their knowledge and provide valuable information on yoga precepts, nutritional values and health benefits of  Detox Juices.


Geeta Iyers' Book Illuminating Lives with YogaILLUMINATING LIVES WITH YOGA

This e-book focuses on Yoga, as a basis for self-development and natural healing. It is very useful for beginners, experienced practitioners and yoga teachers.

It has over 324 colour photographs with easy to follow instructions, benefits, cautions and practice tips for improvement.

It has essential information on asanas, pranayama, mudras, yogic diet and yogic healing. Yogic healing addresses 13 common health issues.


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  1. Geeta ma, this book is short and crisp and honestly is good and very useful. I immediately recommended it to my friends and colleagues. I liked the way you detailed the health benefits, do’s and don’ts of each recipe. You have brought to light that detox juices are essential and good health is a combination of eating healthy, practicing key asanas and pranayama. I appreciate your mention of the yogic prayer before meals. Thank you Geeta ma for uploading this e book it is a valuable guidance for all of us.

  2. Geeta ma has done a fantastic job yet again 🙂 The breakfast recipe book has a unique collection of recipes which are beneficial for people of all age groups including the kids. The books is extremely well written and apt for the current generation. I admire the fact that Geeta ma, captures a perfect start to end in every book of her’s. I commend her efforts to have drafted the book in a way that explains the significance of different types of food and the uses of various ingredients to benefit our health. I strongly recommend this book to all those who are interested to practice a healthy living 🙂 Happy health 🙂

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