Views about Yoga – Most people think yoga is a physical exercise that improves flexibility. They find the movements slow and uninteresting. These people are more interested in fast-paced activities such as aerobics. They do not realise that such activities do not calm and relax the mind; instead they create inner noise and increase restlessness in the mind.

Inverted Asanas – Inverted asanas are the essence of asana practice. They reverse the natural gravitational force. The body goes upside down; the head and the shoulders become the base of the body and not the legs.

Backward Bends – In our everyday lives, we often bend forward and not backwards. This is the reason we are more comfortable with the forward bends and uncomfortable with the backward bends.

Book Review – The Hindu Metro Plus– The author, a yoga practitioner based in Chennai, with 18 years of experience practising and teaching yoga to individuals and corporates, has come up with a ready reference manual that both the trained and the uninitiated can use. Richly illustrated and peppered with notes and pointers on how to do each asana, with numerous tips relating to diet and lifestyle, the book is a great buy.

Book Excerpts of “Illuminating Lives with Yoga” can be found at Freado Books

Beat Your Stress – Stress is inevitable in our lives. Reading, eating, walking, sitting, sleeping, all these activities cause stress. Positive stress is when we are contented and enjoy everything we do. But negative stress is when we are exhausted, angry, unhappy, unable to cope with the routine work.

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