Jul 272008

Old Thoughts

Many people dwell in the past, thinking, talking and brooding about their past experiences, not realizing, that they are depleting their positive energies that promote peace. Old thoughts can cause disturbance to the mind and make the present life unpleasant and unproductive.

When the past has passed away from your life, why do you carry the old baggage with you? When you carry baggage more than your capacity, the effect of the extra baggage will reflect on your health. This baggage burdens your mind with worries and tensions, and destroys your clarity and confidence. You will experience negative emotions such as anger, disappointment and unhappiness. Overtime the negative thoughts grow powerful and they destroy the natural rhythm leading to health issues.

Many people find that their mind is their biggest problem and they are not able to control it. The mind is constantly changing, moving from one thought to another, from the present to the past, surfacing as pleasant or unpleasant memories. They are unable to concentrate on their work in hand, they are confused, angry and irritable. Such a mind is an undisciplined and a chaotic mind that can be a cause for many problems.

Living in the present is a yogic way of living, being conscious of everything you do in the ‘present moment’; this awareness develops high energy and bring new flavors to your life. Mental and physical abilities improve and you can put 100% effort in your work, you will have new friends and move ahead with confidence.

Pranayama changes Life
Living in the present is a fantastic self-discipline cultivated through Pranayama. The breath and the mind are closely linked; when the breath is regulated the mind is also regulated. By controlling the breath in the yogic way you control the restlessness in the mind. The practice of pranayama for long duration calms the mind. Pranayama brings incredible energy to the brain cells, makes all systems function well, keeps you alert and make everything go right in your life.

Yoga science teaches that every day is a new day and you live each day with renewed fresh energy. Keep smiling and move ahead with a positive attitude.