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Geeta IyerGeeta Iyer is one of the most widely known and respected Yoga teachers in Chennai, India. She is a qualified teacher and has had training in Iyengar, Integral and Sivananda styles. She has been practicing and teaching Yoga for over 25 years.

Yoga has had a profound effect on Geeta’s health and life; it has motivated her to become a yoga teacher and spread the light of yoga to the larger world.

Geeta practices pranayama and asanas every early morning and believes that early morning practice has a deeper and lasting effect. Inverted asanas are essential; they enhance the functioning of organs, and glands, and prevent many health issues.

Yoga is “Svadhyaya” a self-study that builds deep self-awareness and self-understanding, thus promoting self transformation. Yoga is a long journey that builds physiological and psychological balance. Long term regular practice, helps the practitioner overcome all the health issues, become confident and peaceful and eliminate all the old unhealthy habits that destroy health.

Geeta is friendly, understanding and compassionate; she is dedicated to the well being of her students. She inspires her students to incorporate the principles of Yoga in their everyday lives. She teaches not just asanas and pranayama, but a way of life that keeps the individual healthy and happy. Her teaching style reflects on her deep understanding of human anatomy and her ability to tailor the practice to meet each student’s needs.

Geeta has had the opportunity to attend many sessions in Yoga ashrams in India and in USA. She has extensive experience teaching both individual and group classes for private and corporate clients in both countries. Her dedication to the well being of her students, her expertise, professionalism and her continued interest in psychology and physiology has made her  popular and distinguishes her from most Yoga teachers.

Geeta shared her Yoga knowledge with the broader community through her regular contributions to the ‘Wellness’ columns in the national newspapers and health magazines. Her book “Illuminating Lives with Yoga” won an international award in the year 2010.

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  2. Hello Maam. I would like to enquire if you practice Post Natal Yoga sessions. I will be interested. Please let me know. My email is given below. I was unable to find your contact details.

  3. I do yoga practice with Geeta when I visit Chennai. She is an excellent teacher focused on the individual students’ needs. I strongly recommend her as a great yoga teacher!
    Raji Srinivasan

  4. i would like to join class for weekend. kindly mail me details mam…

  5. Is Yoga E book 2016 available in Hindi ?

  6. Can I get the E-Book in Hindi version

  7. Do you have the print version of your book Illuminating LIves with Yoga ?

  8. , is there an app

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