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Yogic healing is natural healing using the inherent powers. This healing is lasting as it works deeper than any mediation. It must be learnt with a guidance of an experienced and knowledgeable yoga teacher. Yogic healing, is holistic and begins by understanding the individual and the lifestyle. It works by targeting the root causes of the illness because that every action has a definite cause according to yoga science.

Yogic healing advocates cultivating healthy and productive habits and eliminating unhealthy and destructive habits. When old habits become deep rooted it is difficult to overcome them. Faith, patience, positive attitude, determination and commitment to change the old unhealthy habits and cultivate new healthy habits are the key characteristics required for such healing.

Asana, Pranayama and Meditation are the powerful tonic and healing tools of yogic healing. They repair the damages, correct the imbalances, improve functioning of the systems, provide sufficient strength, and positive energies.They bring back the natural rhythm and restore the natural balance.

Proper diet and mindful eating is very essential for good health. 80% of health issues are caused due to eating the wrong foods. Eating wrong foods and over eating them weaken the systems and lead to health issues. Yogic healing advocates Sattvic diet. Sattvic diet is a vegetarian diet that is fresh, clean, wholesome, easily digestible, and nourishes the mind and body.

Laughter is a natural way of removing stress and pain. Laughter relaxes tense muscles, lowers high blood pressure and boosts happy chemicals in the brain. It strengthens all the systems, heals the pain and prevents many health issues. Laughter nourishes the body and mind and promotes good health.

Sleep is an important biological activity that is very important to keep the mind and body healthy. At least seven hours of sound sleep in the night is essential for the systems to get refreshed and help the individual to function efficiently the next day. During sleep, antibodies and healing hormones are secreted that repair, renew and refresh the systems. It is healthy habit to sleep by 9 pm and wake up by 5 am. Such a rest in the night will promote freshness and renewed strength the following day.




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  1. Very proud of you mom on all the great work and efforts. You are an inspiration for me.

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