Yoga has become an integral part of my life. It has helped me to start a fascinating discovery of my inner self. Before starting Yoga, I had health problems like fatigue, low back pain, stiff shoulders, and high blood pressure. Yoga has helped me to overcome all these problems and has made me healthy and more confident.

Thanks to Geeta ma for introducing me to this fascinating world. I have been her student for over eight years. The passion with which she teaches is contagious and the sincerity with which she urges her students to practise them motivates the students strongly. Her experience as a teacher helps her to rightly understand and analyse her students physical condition and suitably guides them to stretch up to their individual capacity – this is her speciality. Her style of explaining the benefits while doing each asana draw the student’s attention and enable them to understand their strengths and weakness. Geeta ma‘s teaching goes beyond the practice of asanas & pranayama, the chanting of mantras and the constant guidance in every session, about healthy lifestyle helps us to change and develop our overall personality.

Siva Kumar.A
Deputy Manager-Mapro, SKF India Ltd


Geeta Ma’s  classes are great class for everyone-those new to yoga and for those who have practiced for years. She provides personal attention, focuses on improvement of health and helps students to overcome their limitations. She has understood my needs and made me feel comfortable; has shown me patiently how to adjust and adapt in the asanas, so that I can work towards improvement. I am glad that I have met the most joyful person.

Join her classes! It is educative about doing the right things. You`ll have fun and you`ll learn a lot from Geeta Ma`m. Thanks Ma`m, you are awesome!!

Balaamudha                                                                                                                           Sr.Software Engineer                                                                         


Geeta ma is a very experienced teacher who takes individual care of all students. She addresses each of their health issues with utmost care. These classes definitely deserve an “excellent” rating.

Yogeetha                                                                                                                                      Sr.Software Engineer


I have been attending geeta mams class for the past 8 months, on the weekends. Every class is very rejuvenating and has helped me come out of my postpartum depression very quickly. She has a unique personal touch towards every student who attends her classes and works along with them to overcome their problems. My daughter attends her ‘children’s yoga’ classes. She started liking the classes so much that when Mam was out of station, she felt bad and missed the classes. I have great satisfaction for learning yoga, from a good mentor. 

Uma.Sankaran                                                                                                                           Housewife


What started off as a trial became a reality… when I joined Geeta ma’s class. I attend her classes 6 days in a week. Believe me, I googled to find out “How to get up early in the morning”; getting up early was a nightmare earlier, but now I have changed; I get up at 5.30 am everyday. I owe the incredible changes that happened in me to Geeta ma. 

I always admired Geeta ma’s determination, passion and commitment. You can live life any way you want, but to live with principles requires lot of effort. She is one such person. The teacher I have always looked up on with admiration…

In Geeta ma’s class, you not only get to know how to do asanas correctly, but also get educated on their therapeutic benefits. She has the patience to make you practice correctly, cultivates strong determination so that you practice to the best of your ability. She always appreciates and encourages when you put your full effort in your practice.

I still remember the first day when I was asked to do Kapalabhati pranayama. I was unable to do it even for a minute. But with regular everyday practice in the class, I developed the ability to do it for 10 minutes without any difficulty. Geeta ma has been the solution to my problem. Thanks a lot Geeta ma for everything. I cannot express in words how happy I am  to have joined your classes. Ma’m your classes mean so much to me 🙂

Manasa                                                                                                                             Software Engineer


 I have attended Geeta mam’s classes regularly and she is my Yoga Guru for three years. She understands every individual’s abilities and ensures that each one benefits according to their personal needs. Every class is a combination of pranayamas and asanas.

She always says that to derive the actual benefits of any asana, it is important that we do it slowly with mental involvement and rhythmic synchronization of the breath. She is more concerned about the health benefits of every student and insists on giving importance to the food we eat.

As a beginner, I learnt a lot and my interest in yoga has increased. She has inspired me so much,  I am regular with my personal practice.  I love her classes – She’s a wonderful teacher 🙂

Priyanka                                                                                                                                                                               Chartered Accountant


I am writing this, after completing 8 classes of yoga under Geeta madam’s guidance and teaching. I must confess that this has been the most comprehensive experience for me amongst the different similar programs that I have attended over many years. The classes are taught with a good mix of breathing (pranayama) and asana practice. The reference to the different parts of the body, benifitted thro a particular asana also makes one understand and enjoy while doing the same. 

While the individuals are allowed to do these practices at their own capable levels, the demos and persuasion motivates one to try more. The groups being smaller, helps in getting personal attention and timely corrections that enables individual to improve the performance. The small changes in the sequencing of the daily schedule avoids monotony and makes us learn much more.

Summing up, I would say that I am quite enjoying the classes and would like to continue for some time to come. I would also recommend the program to like minded people whom I come across.

SridharD                                                                                                                             Engineering-Consultant


I enrolled in Geeta ma’m’s yoga classes after a series of health issues. I am a two time cancer survivor and recently had a surgery. When I joined the classes, I had lot of trouble even lifting my hand straight up and was lacking energy, flexibility and strength.

These classes have been very beneficial as there is a lot of focus on addressing specific problems. Geeta mam tailored the practice to suit my needs and condition. During classes, I have been motivated to stretch to my limit without straining my body. Within a short time, I have seen noticeable improvement in my focus, flexibility, confidence and in my overall energy levels.

With repetitive practice in every class, I have noticed tangible benefits (not just physical). I am also more aware of my body and also of my breathing. This awareness and enhanced energy has in turn motivated me to continue without a break and has increased my commitment towards my practice.

The classes have really inspired me, made me more determined to adopt a heathier lifestyle. I now urge family and friends to join yoga and practice regularly!

Ramya S                                                                                                         Head-Engineering


 I am attending Geeta’s classes five times in a week for over ten years now. I thoroughly enjoy her classes. I remember when I joined her classes I was so stiff and I could not do many asanas.

These classes are scientific, inspiring and really healing. Geeta monitors every student keenly and corrects their mistakes. She has a unique ability to understand and create awareness of proper alignment and gives importance to listen to the signals from the body and to practice accordingly. She says that such a practice has more benefits.

Over the years of repetitive practice I am at last able to do many advanced asanas with much ease. I owe all my learning to Geeta. She has inspired and encouraged me to attempt difficult asanas, and properly guided me during my practice. After many years of practice, I feel good in Sarvangasana, Supta Virasana and Sirsasana. These are her strengths as a teacher. She insists on 20 /30 minutes of pranayama practice in her classes and this has developed lot of strength in me.

I feel very accomplished and happy because I have gained a lot of strength and overcome sinus problem, neck pain, low back pain, migraine headache and many more health issues. I can now walk in the sun and not get migraine!!! Thanks to the practice of Sitali Pranayama.

Shakila                                                                                                                             Housewife







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