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December 20, 2017

Venkata Mulumoodi  I want to take this opportunity to thank you mam for introducing me to yoga. You have been an inspiration for me. Honestly, your training has changed the way I see things. It has helped me to face challenges in my professional and personal life. Your coaching style, chants, inspirational quotes, occasional spiritual conversations and your willingness to help us, has given a new perspective to yoga.

Kartikeyan Sadras  I am very happy and grateful to you for introducing me to yoga and its immense potential. You have been a great inspiration to all of us. Its a great honour to be your student and I hope that you will continue to teach and inspire more people around. Wishing you best of life and health!

Chandana Krishnan  Geeta mam, you have always been the source of inspiration. I consider you as an amazing teacher and a wonderful person. I always felt very positive whenever I attended your classes. I admire the way you motivate us and make us do the difficult asanas. It is easy to join a yoga class, but I truly believe that it is You, who made us feel the positive vibes of yoga. Thanks for being a wonderful teacher. I seriously feel you are next to my mom. Luv u  madam.

Subashini Venkatasubramanian  I have attended yoga classes before, but none of them can ever match your energy and high impact of your classes. Your motivation and positive words charge tons of energy and confidence in all of us. Your classes were a perfect combination of affection and motivational talks that boost our adreneline.  I truly feel you are a priceless gift to mankind. I love every bit of your classes and will miss them beyond words. My prayers for your peaceful and happy long life!

Renuka Satish  Thank you for being a great teacher and the thought provoking insights that you have shared in your classes. For me, it has been a very inspiring journey since 2008, when I started yoga classes with you. It has given me deep awareness and improved my appreciation of everything.  I truly felt the power of yoga and attribute being without any major aches or pain despite long hours of driving each day. Thank you once again!

Saraswathi Prashanth  Geeta maa, you are my dearest yoga guru. I am able to study, work, multitask and also stay healthy, because of the lessons I learnt from your invaluable teaching. May God bless you with good health and happiness.

Kanchana Shivkumar  Thank you so much for your guidance and support mam. Yoga have helped me overcome anxiety and back pain. I will miss you and your classes mam. Your enthusiasm and energy is so infectious that I always felt relaxed and positive, when I walked out of your class. I truly appreciate your valuable lessons. Please stay in touch mam. Take care mam.

Radhika Murali   You have made a positive difference in my life and I am very happy to have met you. Will remember your inspirational talks and they have motivated us to continue out practice despite out busy routine. Thanks for everything. Will stay in touch.

Thejobala Sethuraman  My introduction to yoga with you was an excellent start of my journey towards good health. Will miss you a lot mam!! Will surely keep in touch. Take care mam.


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